Exclusive FM


Exclusive FM brings you the best radio shows by some of the most famous presenters of the electronic scene.

Producer Day Time Genre
Andre Crom Wednesday 01:00–02:00 Techno
Federico Scavo Every First Wednesday 23:00–00:00 House
Monoverse Wednesday 11:00–12:00 House, Trance, Techno, Deep-House, Electronica
Uto Karem Sunday 23:00–24:00 Techno, Tech-House
Noir Wednesday 10:00–11:00 Techno
Carlos Manaca Saturday 22:00–23:00 Techno, Tech-House
Dan Drastic Every 3rd Tuesday of each month 23:00–24:00 Techno, Tech-House, House, Deep House
Fabio Neural Every other Saturday 01:00–02:00 Techno, Tech-House, Deep House
Galestian 1st Tuesday of the month 21:00–22:00 Techno, Tech-House, Progressive
Tom Hades Sunday 20:00–21:00 Techno,
Alex Preda Friday 11:00–12:00 Techno, Deep House, Nu-Disco, India-Dance, Tech-House
Missy Jay Sunday 22:00–23:00 Techno, House, Tech-House
Stefano Noferini Friday 21:00–22:00 Techno, Tech-House, House
Eelke Kleijn Sunday 21:00–22:00 Techno, House, Deep House, Progressive House
Frankie Lova Wednesday 12:00–13:00 Techno, Tech-House
Slam Sunday 16:00–17:00 Techno
Rendy Seidman Friday 17:00–19:00 Deep House, Progressive-House, Tech-House
Oscar L Tuesday 23:00–24:00 Deep House, Techno, Tech-House, House, Minimal
Ori Uplift Wednesday 21:00–23:00 Trance, Chill-Out
Flarup Every First Wednesday 20:00–21:00 Trance, EDM, Hard-Dance, Progressive-House
Ramon Tapia Saturday 21:00–22:00 Techno, Tech-House, House
Marco Bailey Saturday 20:00–21:00 Techno, Tech-House
Luca Guerrieri Saturday 19:00–20:00 House
Mark Greene Monday 22:00–23:00 Techno
Kaiserdisco Saturday 18:00–19:00 Techno, Tech-House
J Paul Getto Saturday 16:00–17:00 House, Tech-House
Heron Friday 15:00-16:00 Techno, Tech-House, Electronica
Felix Krocher Monday 20:00–21:00 Techno
Flarup & Iness Every First Wednesday 18:00–19:00 House, Deep-House, Nu-Disco, Electronica, Chill-Out, Nu Jazz, Eclectic
Fabio Salerini Thursday 22:00–23:00 Tech-House, Techno
Ferhalt Albayrak Thursday 23:00–24:00 Tech-House, Techno
Deeperfect Thursday 20:00–22:00 Tech-House, Techno
Dougal Fox Tuesday 20:00–21:00 Tech-House, Deep House, Progressive-House, Electronica, Chill-out
Cuebric Wednesday 16:00–17:00 Progressive-House, House, EDM, Electro-House
Dave Clarke Monday 18:00–19:00 Techno
Cristian Varela Thursday 19:00–20:00 Techno, Tech-House, House
Chus & Ceballos Tuesday 16:00–17:00 Deep House, Techno, Tech-house, House
Coyu Tuesday 17:00–18:00 Techno, Tech-House, Deep House, Nu-Disco, Indie-Dance
Christian Smith Thursday 16:00–17:00 Tech-House, Techno
Corey Biggs Thursday 17:00–19:00 Tech-House, Techno, House
Carl J Monday 15:00–16:00 Techno
The Chef Monday 23:00–00:00 Techno,
Andrea Martini Thursday 14:00–15:00 Tech-House, Techno, House
Boris Thursday 15:00–16:00 Tech-House, Techno
Airwave Wednesday 14:00–16:00 Trance, Progressive-House, PSY-Trance
Bonzai Progressive Tuesday 15:00–16:00 Deep House, Techno, Tech-House, Progressive-House
Tristan Dominguez Monday 13:00 – 14:00 Techno, Tech-House, Deep House, Electronica, Eclectic, Nu-Disco
AlBird Tuesday 13:00 – 14:00 Techno
PoleGroup Wednesday 13:00 – 14:00 Techno